Product quality management and business profitability: a case study of Pepsi-Cola Company Ltd. Uganda

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Kampala International University; College of Economics and management
The study was about product quality management and business profitability. The objectives of the study were to determine the levels of product quality, identify the factors affecting product quality management, and to examine the relationship between quality management and business profitability. A cross sectional research design was undertaken to conduct the study. Primary and secondary data was collected for purposes of the study. Primary data was collected using the questionnaires and secondary data was extracted from the internet, textbooks, journal articles, and other research publication. The literature review indicated that the process of quality management is a very complex one which involves a number of steps to ensure controls, departments, factors that affect it, and individual involvement. A critical analysis showed that there is a marked relationship between product quality management and profitability of an organization. This relationship was a collection of scholarly arguments stipulated in different reading materials and from the primary data collected from the respondents. The study recommends continued innovation, sourcing the right of supplies and employee involvement in quality management and enhanced profitability to businesses in the economy.
A research report to be submitted to the College of Economics and Management Science in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of Degree in Business Administration of Kampala International University
Product quality management, Business profitability, Pepsi-Cola Company Ltd., Uganda