Factors affecting utilization of antenatal services among pregnant women aged 15-49 in Gombe sub-county, Butambala District Gombe hospital

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Kampala international international: School of Health Sciences
This study aims at determinants affecting utilization of ANC services among pregnant women aged 15-49 years in Gombe sub county Butambala district in Gombe hospital. Usually services offered at the ANC clinic may include screening of infections, prevention of maternal child transmission of aids, screening of fetal anomalies, and prevention diseases to mother during pregnancy. This study was a hospital based across sectional and prospective study that was used in determining the factors affecting the utilization of antenatal care services. The researcher employed a simple random sampling method to obtain data for the research and data was analyzed manually, using Microsoft excel, calculator and by use of percentage for description and presented in form of tables and pie charts. Independent variables for this study include: age, marital status, level of education, type of place of residence and household wealth index. Results show that while age and marital status are consistently strong predictors in the utilization of all the ANC services considered in this study, other determinants generally vary in magnitude and level of significance by the type of ANC service- timing and number of antenatal visits. Age and marital status are significant in determining utilization of ANC services. Wealth and type of place of residence are more significant in determining the timing of antenatal visit than in determining the total number of antenatal visits. Similarly, the highest level of education is more significant in determining the total number of visits than in timing of antenatal visits.
A research report submitted to the school of allied health Science in partial fulfillment oil the award of diploma in Clinical medicine and community health
Clinical medicine and community health, Utilization, Women aged 15-49, Antenatal services, Pregnant, Gombe hospital