The level of awareness about Hiv/aids and stds infections and preventive strategies on secondary school students' attitudes towards sexual behaviour, Kasarani division Kenya.

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Kampala international international: College Humanities and Social Sciences
Globally, HIV/AIDS has become a tragedy of devastating proportions and it inflicts a heavy toll on the youth. This is because young people are the world's most poorly informed about HIV/AIDS pandemic and STDs (Thuku 2002). They are not well informed about the means of transmission and their own vulnerability, yet strategies for responding to the epidemic disregard them. This study therefore proposes to investigate influence of awareness about HIV/ AIDS and STDs infection and prevention strategies on secondary school students' sexual attitudes and behaviour. The research design for this study will be descriptive survey. This is due to its suitability for both exploration and description by surveying and investigating sample characteristics, which can be generalized to the population. Target population of the study will be Form Three students with an approximate population of 400 students. Out of this population, a sample size of 160 students will be selected using simple random sampling. Data will be collected using two students' questionnaires namely Students HIV/AIDS and STDs infection and Prevention Awareness Questionnaire (SHASIP AQ) and Students Attitudes and Behaviour Questionnaire (SABQ). The data gathered will be analyzed using descriptive statistics such as frequencies, means and percentages. Results of the study may provide the basis for making recommendations relevant to secondary school students and young adults on awareness of HIV/ AIDS and STDs infection and prevention strategies.
A dissertation submitted to the faculty of social sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor of art degree in social work and social administration of Kampala International university
Social work and social administration, Hiv/aids and stds infections, Preventive strategies, Secondary school students', Attitude, Sexual behaviour, Kasarani division