School Administration and Students Discipline at St Brigid’s Girls’ High School-Kiminini Kenya

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Kampala International University, School of Education, Open and Distance and E-learning
The purpose of this study was to find out that the effect of school administration on students discipline at St. Brigid’s Girls’ High School in Kiminini Division Trans-Nzoia District Data was collected from thirty students who are sampled using systematic random sampling, ten teachers who are purposely sampled and the head teacher. Data was collected by use of questionnaires, interview schedules and analysis of documents. Data as analyzed using frequency distributions and percentages. The research findings revealed that the discipline of students is mainly determined by the way the head teacher performs her obligations. It was found that there was effective communication between the learners and the teaching staff. Major causes of indiscipline in the school were attributed to poor governance and administration of the previous head teachers. Students were not involved in the decision making process of the school. There was good governance and administration, of the school which was reflected through good relationship that existed between the learners and the teaching staff. It is recommended that the Ministry of Education in partnership with Kenya Institute of Education conduct country wide research to establish the major variables that affect the discipline of students so as to curb the increasing cases of indiscipline in schools. It is also recommended that the administrators are equipped with knowledge and skills of management through work shops and seminars. This will help to create good administration, which enhances positive co existence among members by promoting trust and hence improving discipline of the students, teaching staff and the non teaching staff.
A research Final Presented to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning Kampala International University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Education in Arts with Guidance and Counseling
School Administration, Students Discipline, Kiminini Kenya