Influence of alcohol use on family welfare in industrial Division, Mbale District, Eastern Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study on the influence of alcohol used on family welfare was conducted in industrial division, Mbale district, eastern Uganda. With the objective of assessing the salient causes of alcoholism in industrial division, examining the effects alcoholism on family welfare and explore the mechanisms for controlling alcoholism to enhance family welfare. A cross-sectional research design was used, a sample of 50 respondents were selected took part in the answering the questions in the questionnaire. The study findings on the causes of alcohol use in industrial division, Mbale District included high alcohol prevalence on both local and manufactured alcoholic prevalence account for high levels of prevalence, peer pressure especially among youths, lack of a clear alcohol policy, cultural and traditional ceremonies, Poverty that causes redundancy, unemployment amongst people, Persuasive alcoholic advertisements and Moral degeneration. The respondents agreed that alcohol usage negatively affects well fare of families in industrial through leading to domestic violence, crime commitment affect family welfare, loss of resources to alcohol, loss of responsibility on family and Irresponsible child bearing and diseases outbreak. These calls for introduction of measures such as Sensitization of masses on negative effects had 26%, improved parenting of children, and developed a working relationship with victims of drug abuse, creation of income generating activities and Social inclusion of addicts in society. Generally there is need to treat of affected youths. Implementation of appropriate means of guiding youths, establishment of regulations by local authorities, limited production of toxic substances according and taxing drugs according. The studs recommends that the industrial division administration should develop policies that are intended to control and reduce prevalence of alcohol such as counselling and guidance for addicts and if possible refer for imprisonment to restore the students’ abilities to study, There is need for sensitization of different cultural groups of people to ensure that alcohol during social functions is regulated to only mature people.
A research dissertation submitted to college of Humanities and social sciences in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Bachelors in Development Studies of Kampala International University
Alcohol use, Family welfare, Mbale district