Effects of employee empowerment on productivity: a case study of Mika Estates in Hoima District Uganda

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Kampala International University: College of Economics and management Sciences
This study was set to examine the effects of employee empowerment on productivity a case of Mika Estates. It was guided by the study objectives which included determine the relationship between employee empowerment and productivity at Mika Estates, to evaluate the effects of different dimension of employee empowerment on productivity and to examine the factors influencing employee empowerment on productivity at Mika Estates Hoima District. The study used cross-sectional research design. The qualitative and quantitative approaches were employed based on the Mika Estates. Data collection was done by use of questionnaire and interview guide staff drawn from different departments in Mika Estates. A sample size of 50 respondents was determined from Slovene’s formula. Purposive and random sampling methods were used. Empowered employees come to believe that they control their own success through their efforts and hard work, which in turn benefits the success of the entire institution, if an employer needs a highly motivated, innovative, productive human resource, the importance of job satisfaction and organizational commitment should not be forgotten. It is obvious that high job satisfaction and organizational commitment will avoid turnover. Every employee has different kinds of needs and expectations and it is impossible to satisfy every need’ and expectation of the employees. Both employee and employer should try to generate a working condition that they will work in a happy, motivated and productive atmosphere to reach the certain goals. Different recommendations were set up and included; There is need to give training for increasing knowledge and skills of employee, There is need of employees to get bonus on the basis of their performances and company’s performance. The employees can be more committed towards the company by having good appreciation, engagement with growth, recognition and trust and there is need for stronger leadership and accountability demanded in an organization that seeks to empower employees. This starts with the executive leadership, through all management levels and includes front line supervisors. It is only when the entire organization is willing to work as a team that the real benefits of employee empowerment are realized.
A research report submitted to the College of Economics and Management Science in partial fulfillment of requirements for the Award of Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration of Kampala International University.
Employee, Empowerment, Productivity, Hoima District, Uganda