The information technology and banking service delivery: a case of popular bank of Rwanda (BPR)

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Kampala International University: School of Post Graduate Studies
The information technology is the modern and significant part in the banking sector, it is of great importance for the bank today to access the impact of information technology of its operational performance so as to justify if high cost invested on it is justifiable or not, analyze their problems and there propose solutions. The objective of this study was to assess how the information systems has influenced bank performance and growth of the bank as well as adoption of information systems has affected the growth and the development of the bank. The main research instruments used are the questionnaires and the personal interview for the staff and the customers of the bank. The simple frequency percentages was used as statistical measure to analyze the data. In conclusion the study revealed that, the information technology has extremely increased the development and the growth of Popular Bank of Rwanda (BPR) and other Financial Institutions in Rwanda, information technology has led to increased customer service delivery and satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, reduced transaction time, gave the bank to be competitive, reduced running cost. The research recommends that The BPR bank should employ the physical equipments related to information technology such as Computer, ATM's, mobile banking, Internet banking, Telephone banking which results to effective service delivery that has a great influence on customer satisfaction improving sales and market share leading to bank success, the customer perception and preferences has a big impact on bank performance.
Dissertation submitted to the School of Post Graduate Studies in partial fulfillment for the Award of Masters Degree of Business Administration (Banking and Finance) of Kampala International University
Information technology, Banking, Service delivery, Rwanda (BPR)