The impact of micro finance institutions' operations on women economic empowerment: case study -Faulu Uganda

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Kampala International University,College of Economics and Management
This research was conducted to establish the impact of the operations of MFis on economic epowerment of women. The study involved getting some personal information like age and the nnmber of children supported by the clients to make it easy to understand their status and it was found out that most of them had small families but still found problems in catering for their needs The study also found out that most of the clients were small business proprietors represented by 92%! ' of the sample with only 8% employed people. This showed that the institution was succeding in targeting small businesses. Further still it was found out that the services provided by the institution had gone a long way making small business people succeed using the loans and at the same time improving the standard ◊1 living of their families and the community at large. I I I Although the institution was achieving its objectives and empowering women by giving them acces~ to finance,training and improving the way they take decisions both at home and in business,the client~ had some problems like;high interest rates, short repayment period,and many others which needed th4 attention of their institution. I ½ I I ' The clients therefore made recommendations that they can benefit more from the services and thes4 include the following: I The institution should reduce on the interest rates charged, give more time for repayment,intensifj I I training which is custom made,check on corrupt officers,and lastly expand to rural areas. ' If these recommendations are considered for action by the MFis they will assist women overcome marginalisation and eventually improve the wellbeing of the society at large.
Research report submitted in partial fulfillment for the Award of Bachelors of Business Administration of Kampala International University
Micro finance, Institutions', Operations, Women, Economic, Empowerment