The effects of accounting concepts on the financial statements (a critique) :a case study of CPAR Uganda and other organizations like; UNICEF, UNHCR, UN, UNAIDS

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study sought to establish and understand the effects of accounting concepts on the financial statements. It mainly looked at CPAR Uganda, a non-profit making organization. The researcher utilized both quantitative and qualitative methods for data analysis. Respondents included Financial Managers, Accounts Assistants and other employees of the organization. The findings of the research revealed that Accounting Concepts are used by organizations (CPAR Uganda) in the preparation of financial statements and they are supplemented by accounting standards (IAS)/financial reporting standards. The Accounting Bodies have played great roles in the effectiveness of financial statements by ensuring use of accounting concepts, the legal framework and financial reporting standards. This is revealed by over 75% of the respondents who strongly confirmed the above statement. However, there are also some challenges faced in the process of such efforts by accounting bodies. The study concludes that there is continuous improvement on the use of accounting concepts and financial reporting standards. Though there is still need for increased concerted efforts from the accounting bodies and all the users of accounting information to help put hands together so as to enable effective financial reporting, and produce accurate reports for better decision making.
A research report submitted in partial fulfillment of a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management of Kampala International University
Financial statements, UNICEF, UNHCR, UN, UNAIDS