Rural urban migration and unemployment in Bosaso Somalia

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Kampala International University. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
This study examined the rural urban migration and unemployment of Bosaso in Puntland, Somalia. A self-made questionnaire is used to collect data in order to obtain four research objectives; 1) to determine the profile of the respondents, 2) to determine the level of rural urban migration, 3) to determine the level of unemployment 4) to establish if rural urban migration function is significantly correlated with unemployment. Key findings from the study were (1) the profile of the respondents found that male (54.5%) dominates female (45.5%), in regard to education level, respondents who have certificate (27.7%), those who have diploma are (42.9%), those who obtained bachelor degree are (18.8%) where as postgraduate is (lO.7%) and none of the respondents have PhD, the length of work experience that (9.4%) of the respondents have less than 1 year and only (23.2%) have between 1- 4 years of experience have (36.6%, followed by the respondents who are 5-8years are (l8.8%), followed by the respondents who are 9-l2years are (l4.3%) and who are above l3years are (7.1%); (2) the overall level of rural urban migration found very high (mean=3.30); (3) the overall level of unemployment is also found very high (mean =3.29);. It was concluded that there is a significant relationship between the level of rural urban migration and unemployment in the selected Bosaso in Puntland Somalia, and also the rural urban migration contributes 17% towards variations of the level of unemployment based on the findings. This study recommends that is need to change the level of unemployment exist in the region, to create a situation of peace to establish a source and opportunities of getting employment Besides, integration of peace and reconciliation tenets in the Somali education system and rehabilitation of immigrants would sow seeds of peaceful resolution of opposition groups amongst the Somalis. The study also recommends possible further studies to be undertaken in areas like; re establish and rebuild of socio economic infrastructure in Somalia presents the country with development opportunities vis a vis the challenges posed by migration and prolong conflict; the role on international players in the escalation of conflict in Somalia among others.
A Thesis presented to the College of Higher Degrees and research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements a ward of the Degree Master of Arts in Development Studies
Rural urban, Unemployment