Enhanced design of an online booking processing system for air Tanzania

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
This project direct give the people or passengers to make their booking online which make them to save time, also management of data it is also intended to provide the relevant security measures so that all the unauthorized and unauthenticated users are denied access to the precious data and information concerning the passengers and making it safe. The aim of this study is to establish web based databases in developing countries airways DBMS are extremely beneficial to airways management. To enable access to vast amount of data, control redundancies, control concurrent anomalies, provide good security, rapid gathering of that information and online professional training. A web based database can do all of the above and more yet, facilitate the development of interactive features such as guest books, forms, images, a good interface and processes such as online booking. Air Tanzania designed to show the establishment of web based database in developing countries airways and the role it plays in Tanzania. Samples of respondent were drawn from Air Tanzania in addition to information expected to be generated from discussion, observation, and interviews with airways staff and passengers. A lot of staff and passengers they have accepted the use of the database system because it helps to keep staff and passengers records.
A research project for the partial fulfillment for the Award of a Degree of Information Technology Kampala international university
Design of an online booking processing system, Air Tanzania