Design and implementation of an AC/DC power harvesting using human foot step

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Kampala International University,School of Engineering and applied Sciences ,Department of Electrical, Telecom and Computer Engineering
As the demand of energy is increasing day by day, so the ultimate solution to deal with these sorts of problems is just to implement the renewable sources of energy Humans are using the renewable energy which are solar, wind etc. but we still could not satisfy our power needs, because of that we have to generate electricity through each and every possible ways. The objective of this work is to produce power through footsteps as a source of renewable energy that we can obtained while walking or standing on to the certain arrangements like footpaths, stairs, plate forms and these systems can be install specially in the more populated areas. In this project the force energy is produced by human foot step and force energy is converted into mechanical energy by the rack and pinion mechanism. Electricity is produced by DC generator. We are supposed to study existing methods of foot step power generation that are rack and pinion arrangement and piezoelectric crystals and supposed to modify the existing system. Keywords: Footpaths, Stairs, Plate forms, and Footstep power generation system.
Final year project report submitted to Kampala international university in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award Of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Design & implementation, Footpaths, Plate forms, Footstep power generation system, Stairs