Distribution process and achievement of Tanzania Breweries Limited

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The foregoing chapter trite to narrate the background to the problems and the need for the study. Organizations are spending huge sums of money in improving and increasing revenues by using compute technology and channel of distribution. For that matter, the same have to make decision that give better fit to the existing business processing. This study is organized into five chapters. Chapter One represents background to the research problem, research question, objectives and relevance of the study. Chapter Two is literature review that gives an overview initiation of distribution and computer uses strategies and hypothesis to be tested. Chapter Three cover research methodology including research design, research sample, collection methods, measurement and methods. Chapter Four present the finding analysis and discussion the same. Chapter Five is on conclusion, recommendation and further proposed research.
A research submitted in (partial) fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor Degree of Business Administration (Marketing option)
Marketing, Distribution process, Tanzania Breweries Limited