Micro finance institutions and economic development: a case study of Buyinja Sub County

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
fhe stud) was about Micro finance financial serv1ces to poor people in Buyinja Sub County '-Jama) in go District. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether micro finance institutions :ontribute toward rural communities in economic development focusing at the range of services lfl~red by MFis. Assessing whether services offered by MF!s actually address the economic Je,elupment of· rural communities suggesting possible measures that should be adopted to enhance ural communities in economic development. This study targeted a population or 50 respondents or 1hich .tl! respondents \\ere considered and used lor the study. These were of two categories: 30 rural >ersons and I 0 ke) informants especially MF!s staff. Gender balance \\'US considered in the study. 'he purposi\e and simple sampling techniques \\Cre used to obtain the respondents. In the study. 5 'arishcs \\ere chosen a cross the sub county especially those ones that \\ere easy to reach by roads. rom each of these 5 parishes. I 0 respondents viere chosen. These included; 6 rural women and :?. ·1 !'Is stall These were used depending on knowledge, experience and opinions that supplemented n the data got from secondary sources. The researcher found out the roles, effects and suggested the ossihlc solutions. The study findings reveal that Micro Finance Institutions should come up with etter skills. knlmledge to impact in the beneficiaries so that the poor and the poorest can learn hlm l 01 ercome the t} pica! risks that are associated with these loans. llm'e' er there is a need to ro\ idL' !(H· a producti\ e design l'e8tures to remove the clw!lenges !'aced b) the clients in making use f'tlw \licro J·inance such as loan size. repayment terms and interest rates.
A research report submitted to the College of Applied Economics and Management Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirement for Degree of Bachelors of Business Administration of Kampala International University
Economic, Development, Finance, Institutions