The role of women in conflict resolution, challenges and the way forward a case study of northern Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of High Degrees and Research
The study is for the evaluation of the role of women in conflict Resolution the challenges they faced and the way forward and the objectives of the study included knowing the roles and assessing the challenges these women faced with in themselves and the ones caused by other people. It goes ahead to explain the way fo1ward into overcoming the challenges they faced. The study employed primary sources which were through direct observation in interviews and surveys using Research Instruments such as self-Administered questionnaires, interviews Guide and Observation guide Secondary source which were written by people with indirect knov\iledge but relied on primary sources or other secondary sources for their information. These included web pages, Book reviews for literature government documents and journals. The study ends by showing the gap between men and women. Women have tried very much to bridge this gap by playing the roles meant for men but have not achieved great success due to their gender stereo type. This research seeks to find the way forward hence a gender balance
A thesis submitted to the College of High Degrees and Research in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Degree Award for Masters of Arts in Human Rights and Development of Kampala International University
conflict resolution, women