Impact of counselling among women living with HIV AIDS in Kotido town, Kotido District

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social science
This research sought to investigate the impact of counselling among women living with I-WV AIDS in Kotido town. Kotido district. A total of 50 respondents participated in the study. The researcher used self-administered questionnaires which consisted of closed end questions to collect information from the respondents. A Pearson correlation coefficient was used to establish the relationship between counselling and l-IIV AIDS. The researcher found that as the counselling regimen improved, the negative psychological impacts of I-IIV AiDS on AIDS patients decreased. The Statistical Package for Social Scientists analysis was used to establish the relationship. The results indicated that there is a negative significant relationship between counselling and NW AIDS (r=~.32i*, P<0.05). This implied that the variables were inversely related.
A dissertation submitted to the department of applied psychology, Kampala International University for the partial fulfillment of the award of bachelor of social work and social administration of Kampala International University.
Counselling, Women, HIV AIDS, Kotido District, Uganda