The Domestic Violence on School Going Children in Ntoroko District: A Case Study Of Rwebisingo Sub-County)

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in Development Studies
The main objective of the study was to examine the effects of domestic violence on school going children. The study attempted to expose causes, kinds and perpetrators of domestic violence against children, and how the violence negatively affects schoolin~ victims; The study used ~~th qualitative and quantitative paradigms in which data was collected through questionnaires, oral interviews and focus group discussion. The study sampled adolescent students and adults in selected schools and villages around Rwebisengo Sub County, in Ntoroko, a district in Western Uganda. The research depicted negative impacts of domestic violence against children on the victim's education. It unveiled that domestic violence against schooling children harms them emotionally, psychologically and physically. In the long run, this harm hinders the victims' learning process in many ways such as inflicting the victim to lose interest in education. The research adds knowledge to the awareness of the relationship between domestic violence against children and victims' education.
A Research Proposal Submitted To the College Of Humanities and Social Sciences for the Partial Fulfillment of a Bachelor's Degree in Development Studies at Kampala International University
Domestic Violence, Children, Rwebisingo Sub-County