Planning and financial performance of an organization: a case study of Air Masters Travel Ltd.-Kampala Branch

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Kampala International University: School of Business and Management
This research assessed the effects of planning on financial performance of an organization, a case study of Air Master Ltd. because many times organisations have performed poorly, which has caused some of the companies to close up business. The Daily Monitor of Monday 2nd January, 2009 had a headline story that GTV one of the pay television stations had closed its business because of the credit crunch. This research seeks to identify causes of such poor financial performance and give solutions to such poor financial performance in organisations. The specific objectives of the research were to establish levels in planning, establish the importance of planning, and to determine the measures of financial management. The research findings reveled that the levels of planning used in Air master travel ltd are strategic level where long-term decisions are taken for the firm by top management of the firm and routine level where the focus is to ensure efficient use of resources once funds have been acquire and allocated and is done operations or routine managers which involves control activities like control of funds from debtors, managing of creditors and safeguarding of assets (insurance) effective planning helps the firm identify factors identify factors that will affect the organization, coordinate efforts, establish priorities, assess external forces, clarify forces contributing to success, ensure the availability of resources, establish standards, and develop managerial skills, that financial performance of an organization is measured on the objectives the organization is intended to achieve, and the major objectives of an organization include profit maximization, wealth maximization, market tare maximization, and earnings per share. Further the research findings revealed that planning and financial performance were closely related and go together in that if planning is done well, it helps the organization in performing well financially.
A dissertation submitted to Kampala International University School of Business and Management in partial fulfillment for the Award of Bachelor’s of Business Administration
Planning and financial performance, Air Masters Travel Ltd.