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Kampala International University
Kampala International University (KIU) Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (KJHSS) publishes empirical articles, critical reviews and case studies that are of interest to policy makers, scholars and practitioners in the area of humanities and social sciences. The Journal puts particular focus upon issues that are of concern to the third world. It is the goal of the Journal to advance knowledge and debate in the field of social studies by providing a platform through which scholars and practitioners can share their views, findings and experiences. Given the diverse nature of social studies, contributions are accepted from a wide range of disciplines and preference is given to articles that integrate multiple disciplinary perspectives. Contributions that examine developments at national, regional and continental level are particularly welcome. All the manuscripts received are subjected to review, by the Editor and at least two peers. The editorial policy of KJHSS aims at giving authors timely and constructive feedback and the Journal is particularly interested in assisting able researchers but who may be inexperienced in the area of publishing to develop the quality of their work to a level where it is acceptable for publication.
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social studies, politics,, economics, development, sociology, social administration, social work, education, climate change.