Design of Ict Integration Framework in Primary Schools:

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Kampala International University
The purpose of this study was to design an ICT integration framework in Primary Schools in Bundibugyo district. The following objectives guided the study: i) to investigate the factors affecting ICT integration situation in the Primary Schools in Bundibugyo; ii) to design a framework for ICT integration in the Primary Schools in Bundibugyo; and iii) to validate the framework for integrating ICT in the Primary Schools in Bundibugyo District. The study used a cross-sectional research design with a sample size of 189 respondents (60 pupils and 129 teachers). Stratified and simple random sampling were used as sampling techniques while questionnaires and interviews were used as research instruments. The study found that the factors that are affecting the use of integrated ICT in the primary schools in Bundibugyo include lack of teacher preparedness, lack of learners’ preparedness, and lack of administrative preparedness. The study recommended that teachers should be made prepared to integrate ICT at primary school level by receiving frequent ICT related trainings. Furthermore, the government in collaboration with district leaders and primary school head teachers should ensure that ICT resources are availed and distributed to schools according to their population. Additionally, the government or the school administrators and Parents Teachers Association (PTA) members should employ ICT technical experts in their schools to help provide technical support such as repair, installation, maintenance, or technical advice to teachers and learners. The learners should be mentally prepared and gradually introduced to integrate ICT in their learning process so that they can grasp the content progressively without getting discouraged or frustrated with the ICT-enhanced learning process.
A Thesis Submitted To The School Of Computing In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of The Degree Of Masters Of Science In Information Technology Of Kampala International University
Ict, Integration Framework, Primary Schools, Bundibugyo District