The role of NGO's towards community development in Bugiri district local Government

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Kampala international University College of Humanities and Social Science
The study was about the role of Ngo's towards community development which was carried out in Bugiri district local government in eastern Uganda. It was guided by three objectives which were; to find out the role of NGOs in community development in Bugiri, to find out the challenges faced by NGOs' operation in offering community development in Bugiri and to establish ways of improving the performance of NGOs in offering community development in Bugiri. The study used 70 respondents randomly selected from the population. Data was collected by the use of structured and non-structured questionnaires. The methodology used was descriptive in nature analyzed following objectives and research questions and the analysis done using percentages after editing and coding. The research revealed that; infrastructure development, aid in emergencies, and provision of education were highly valued ideas that would change the face of people in Bugiri district. The findings further shows that; inadequate funding, corruption, political instability, and government regulations were seen as major challenges affecting NGOs operations in Bugiri district The findings still revealed that increased funding, improvement of government NGO relation, promotion of political stability, fighting corruption, and registration of more NGOs would create a change in the way NGOs do their work. Furthermore the findings revealed that; there is a high contribution of NGOs and INGOs in Community development in Bugiri district and the whole of Uganda. Operational NGOs create public awareness on various issues, contribute to policy-making and monitoring and build capacity in a variety of sectors. Finally the researcher recommended that; Grant providers and government should establish means of closely monitoring the performance of local NGOs both in terms of accountability and of results. NGOs have an incentive to overestimate the value of their services, to increase the likelihood of future funding. Consequently, NGOs must be monitored by grant agencies and government to ensure that what they report is accurate. In principle, what is being suggested here is that grant providers should establish means of closely monitoring the performance of local NGOs both in terms of accountability and of results.
A Dissertation Submitted To The College Of Humanities And Social Sciences In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of Bachelors' Degree Of Social Work And Social Administration Of Kampala International University
NGO's, Community development, Bugiri district local Government