Electronic banking and financial performance of banks in Uganda: a case study of Post Bank Mbale Branch

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Kampala International University: College of Economics and Management
The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of electronic banking on financial performance of Commercial Banks in Uganda. The study was to determine the extent of e banking adoption by post bank Uganda, to determine the relationship between adoption of e banking and financial performance and to establish the challenges encountered by the banks in establishing electronic banking systems in the banks. The study was conducted from Post Bank Mbale Branch were data was collected from 30 respondents using questionnaires to collect the data in the required form of assessment in the study. The study concludes that e-banking adoption in the bank was moderately high meaning that the state of the e-banking adoption is coupled with weaknesses in the management of the electronic system. The study conclude that electronic banking facilitate financial performance of the bank hence conclude that improving the state of bank can be improved through e-banking adoptions in the bank. There are several challenges faced in the banking industry with the use of electronic banking hence the need to provide the means for the determination of the need for financial performance, security risks and trust provide an avenue for reducing work efficiency in the performance. The study recommends that bank management should establish country wide training and training for clients on usage of various e business applications for efficient performance of the bank. Also ATMs should be put in different locations easily accessible by customers, so that quick service and convenience is maintained hence improving bank operations. The study recommends that banks should subscribe to reliable internet providers for effective and efficient service delivery. The bank should employ skilled personnel with more experience on network management in order to ensure the reliability of network. On the third objective, the bank should keep on upgrading their e banking technology in order to have an up to date system for effective service delivery. There is need for constant power back up should be ensured on order to solve the problems of power interruptions and fluctuations. The study recommends to the management of banks which are slow in innovation adoption, to move in and adopt various innovations in their operations in order to shore up their profitability.
A research report submitted to College of Economics and Management Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration Banking and Finance of Kampala International University
Electronic banking, Financial performance, Post Bank Mbale Branch