Password based Security Gate System Powered by Hybrid Power Supply with Solar Charging System

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Kampala International University, school of engineering, department of civil engineering
Automatic gate is one of most usefully thing to use in companies, colonies, collages, homes, and schools. There is some type to operate a gate such as a sliding on screw or on rack and pinion, piston operated, rotary. Design is available for some type of operation and it is most costly also When installation and maintenance cost is not yet been considered. The main objective of this Project is to study, analyze, and provide an enhanced design and performance of power supply, and also use it to power the automatic gate system. There are different types of mechanism used to operate gate. Those methods are finite element modeling and mechanical design concept and theories. In this system, the micro-controller is programmed with a default password. Whenever the right password is entered using 4x4 keypad. The micro controller will give command to motor driver, and DC motor will open and close after some seconds. At the same time, LCD display the Situation, red LED shows the gate is closed, green LED shows the password is correct. In addition to this, a push button is added so that you can press it when you are coming out, you don’t need to password again. The power supply is of two types, hybrid. There is AC main power stepped down from 220V to 12V. The DC power is from rechargeable battery, recharged by a 10W solar panel. The work was successful. It is evidence that the use MCU with the right circuitry can be used to operate a security system, and the project was effective to give maximum security. So the implementation rate is inexpensive and it is reasonable by a common person. Hence it can be afforded to purchase such security gate system to keep your property safe without any worries. I also recommend to improve on this project by adding other features like, using Bluetooth signal or remote signal. It can also be a finger print module. Lastly, I give my further research about the 12V rechargeable battery, the circuit needs 9V battery to be connected together with the AC supply. So my recommendation of further research is to improve on this circuit so that you can be able to step the 12V battery to 9V
Final year project design submitted to Kampala international University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree
Hybrid Power Supply, Solar Charging System, Security Gate System