The introduction of automated teller machines and quality service delivery in the banking industry: a case study of DFCU bank main branch

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and management
The study carried was based on the introduction of automated teller machines and service quality delivery in the banking industry. The purpose of the study was basically to find out whether the introduction of automated teller machines has improved the quality of service and delivery in the banking industry. What inspired the researcher to carry out the research was due to the fact that even though banks have introduced automated teller machines, some clients have faced complications and that they have faced inefficiency in using the system The researcher carried out the research work from DFCU bank main branch because it was easy to access and there was ready data to compile. The researcher filled questionnaires for both the employees and the clients of the bank of which the feedback was compiled in the final report The researcher found out that the variables in the project related in the sense that there was an independent variable (ATM) and the dependent variable (quality service and delivery in the banking industry) the two variables depended on each other. The researcher concluded that most of the clients in DFCU bank have found it efficient to use the ATM services however there is need to improve on their service to satisfy those clients who are not satisfied with the service
A research proposal submitted to the School of Business and Management as a partial fulfillment for the requirements of the Award for a Degree in Bachelor of Business Administration Kampala International University
Introduction of automated teller machines, Quality service delivery, The banking industry, DFCU bank main branch