The impact of gender based violence on academic performance of children in Kasese district: a case study of Hima Town Council

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was concerned to inquire into the impact of gender based violence on academic performance of children in Kasese district a case study of hima town council. The study was guided by the general objective and this was to establish the impacts of Gender based violence on academic performance of children. Impact of gender based violence that limit children’s academic performance out of the general objective, specific objectives were formulated that is, to establish the factors responsible for gender based violence, forms of gender based violence, effects of gender based violence on academic performance of children and finally how to address the problem of gender based violence in relation to children’s academic performance. This study employed both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The researcher used purposive sampling and only questionnaires were used as data collection instruments. Quantitative data were analyzed using frequency and percentage tables. The study findings was that gender based violence greatly limits children’s academic performance in the way that out of quarrel in families children fill psychologically tortured mentally and even they are always abandoned by their parents leading them dropout of school at an early age, those who perceiver with gender based violence consequences always perform poorly in their exams. The study found out that the most causes of gender based violence in families is as a result of use of alcoholic drugs, disrespect among couples, financial challenges and fornication among others all these were found to be behind of women and children battering in homes. The study findings on the possible solutions towards fighting gender based violence were that although laws against domestic violence and other hindrances exist, the implementation and enforcement of such laws is often weak. The study concluded that there are still gender based violence that lead to poor academic performance among children leading to school dropout in the district that needs special attention from nongovernmental organizations, government and individual efforts to uphold the rights of girls in the district. Basing on the findings of the study, the researcher recommended for provision of technical assistance, need to provide constitutional measures to uphold the rights of women and girls, such as equality, non-discrimination and protection from violence, are critical and can shape the response of governments to eliminating female genital mutilation and inclusion of leaders, both religious and secular, in interventions is important to secure a supportive environment for change.
A research report submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration of Kamala International University
Gender based violence, Children Academic performance, Hima town council Kaseese District