Secondary school drop outs in Central Uganda: a case study of Buwama Sub-County, Mpigi District

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Kampala International University; College of Humanities and Social Science
The study conducted was on the topic secondary school dropouts in central Uganda mainly in Mpigi District Buwama Sub - County. The main objective of the research is derived by three objectives that is finding the causes of secondary school drop. Identify the effects of school dropouts and to find the possible measures to solve the problem stated. Research methods that were employed in the due course of this study: included instruments like questionnaires, interviews guides and focus group discussion guides and both primary and secondary source data were used by the researcher in the field. The sampling population size is 70 respondents. The data collected data was presented in tables and pie charts .Data was manually collected processed and analysis was made using content analysis where the answers from successive interviews were crosschecked with those of the from the observation to ensure authenticity. The data collected .the researcher found out the causes of secondary school dropout as lack of interest in studies poverty expulsion high cost of education materials ignorance on the value of education and AIDS Scourge. The researcher also identified the effects of secondary school dropouts are sustainable poverty. Increased crime rates and poor social interaction early marriages affects the political atmosphere in the country and unemployment. And possible measures were identified to solve the problem which included increase capitation grant empower the PTAs decentralize education facilitate the construction or more schools and provision of meals for school going children. In conclusion high school dropouts can he reduced through the mechanism proposed by the researcher and also there should he further research the topics suggested in the chapter five.
A dissertation submitted to the College of Applied Economics and Management Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelor's Degree in Development Studies of Kampala International University
School drop outs