Management information system design on human resource management of Kampala International University: design and implementation

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The study designed, developed, implemented and determined the effectiveness of the human resource management of KIU, identifies the profile of the respondents in terms of age, gender, and highest educational attainments, number of years in present position and designation, Assessed the existing human resource management systems(EHRMS) at KIU in terms of usability and applicability by academic and non academic staffs, established significant difference in the level of assessment on the EHRMS, between the male and female users, distinguished significant differences in the perceived characteristics of a designed and implemented HRMIS, determined assessment of the users on the Designed human resource management information system (DHRMIS), established significant difference in the level of assessment of the Designed human resource management information system (DHRMIS) between male and female users , distinguished significant difference in the assessment before and after the implementation of the Human resource management information system (HRMIS). Quasi-experimental method was applied Utilizing Sloven’s formula and the sample size of 350 and Purpos ive sampling technique was employed; data were collected from KIU’s 360 academic staffs, 198 non academic staffs, 177 administrators and 5 users of HRMS. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and in ferential statistics. The EHRMIS was perceived as being poor (1.85) which implied that there was a room for improvement. Since the Academic; non academic and administrative Staff do not directly interact with the system, their perception did not differ from that of the Users The Designed system was evaluated as satisfactory ( 2.86) as compared to (2.84) a significant change in the HRMIS. The study recommends that, the KIU management requires to put in place new software for DHRMIS to facilitate HR department to effectively manage human resource information and records.
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Kampala International University, Management information systems, Human resource management