Effects of clan conflicts on the delivery of social services in Karamoja Region: A Case Study of Bokora County, Napak District

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social science
he study was aimed at assessing effects of clan conflicts on the delivery of social services in Karamoja region: A case study of Bokora County, Napak District. The main objective of the study was to assess the effects of conflicts on the delivery of social services in Napak district, Northern Eastern Uganda which has been associated with problems of conflicts and violence that has become pandemic. Various clans Karamonja sub region include; Bokora, Mathenilco, Upe Pokot,Tepeth, Jie,Dodoth and the Pian in Karamajong have had persistent raids and counter raids occun-ing amongst themselves in an effort to carryout revenge for previous raids, to retrieve stolen livestock from other clans. The study employed a descriptive study with a triangulation of both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection and analysis. The qualitative methods involves; in-depth interviews with key informants, observation, documentation, and focused group discussions. The quantitative methods involves were the use of questionnaires, a total sample of population of 60 women and men were reached for this study. In conclusion remarks, in my study in Napak, curbing clan conflicts for example calls for initiative policies to act against illegal possession of guns, assisting victims of past and present clan conflicts and incorporating all stakeholders in sensitizing people about the impact of clan conflicts towards social service delivery. The recommendations in terms of measures to combat clan conflicts included the need for strengthening community networks and transforming of social-cultural norms.
A dissertation submitted to the college of humanities and social Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor’s degree in social work and social administration of Kampala International University
Clan conflicts, Delivery, Social services, Karamoja Region