Effects of advertising on sales volume: a case study of Zain Limited, Nairobi Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study was to establish the effects of advertising on sales volume it was guided by a number of objectives which were; to examine the features of a good advertisement. To determine factors affecting sales volume and to determine ways to improve sales. With telecommunication networks being so many, Zain limited had to explore the market and come up with advertisement better than those of the competitors to help them survive in the competitive market. The study focused on Zain limited, Nairobi, Kenya to determine the advertisement that Zain can use because they were faced with the problem to increase on its sales volume due to Safaricom who are their top competitor. Data was collected on such information using interviewing, observation and questionnaire. Interviewing was done by the use of face-to-face conversation; the number of respondents who participated such as top management, employees of Zain and both customers of Zain and Safaricom was made up by stratified random technique which totaled to 25 people. The findings of the study shows that, there are a number of effects of advertising on sales, that is, consumers awareness, it gives favorable images which help in generating brand loyalty and help in new product launch. Also sales volume was affected by factors like; careful market segmentation, the perception of the product, and brand in the mind of the customers and market situation like competition, price position among others. From the findings sales volume can be improved by; building customer and brand loyalty, by use of aggressive advertising, by stressing unique features of the product, by creating goodwill for the product, brand or company and by motivation of the customers. From the research findings there were the following recommendations, that there is need for Zain limited to use an effective advertisement that could attract more customers for example their advert should be in local language that is familiar to the consumer. Also consumers should be motivated and given a chance to give a suggestion on the advert they prefer, Market segmentation is also important whereby the marketing department should invest more in sport branding, the company should have good advert that is: creative and innovative. In addition, there should be customers loyalty-they should provide all the information that the customers need in there phone kits, this will give the company better public image, also brand loyalty-reduce the prices of their brands in order to make their services more customer friendly among others
A Dissertation Submitted to the School of Business and Management in Partial Fulfillment for the Award of Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Marketing Option) of Kampala International University
Advertising on sales volume, Zain Limited, Nairobi, Kenya