Reasons for excessive alcohol use and it’s effects among students of Kampala International University Western Campus

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Kampala International University, School of Allied Health Sciences
People say they drink alcohol either to have fun, celebrate an achievement, or “down their sorrows” after a major life stress. High alcohol consumption in Uganda is linked to the aggressive marketing by manufacturers through mass media advertisements, sponsorship of sports activities, performing arts and music, free alcohol promotions at discount prices and total disregard of the law on availability of alcohol, time and selling points. Uganda still has neither national alcohol policy nor an effective regulatory body. Attempts by the ministry of health to regulate the consumption of alcohol have been opposed by the ministry of trade which has blocked a propose ban on the manufacture and consumption of alcohol. Adolescents and the youth are highly engaged in this practice, as they are the ones who frequent night clubs, bars and even throw house parties. Alcohol is affordable, and available. This study focuses on the reasons for consumption of alcohol among students of KIU-WC. It also examines the effects these students have had with taking alcohol, as well as their awareness of the effects of alcohol. METHODS The campus, located in Western Uganda (Ishaka, Bushenyi) has a standing population of about three thousand two hundred and seventy one students. A sample size of three hundred and forty six students was estimated using a Morgan’s table, but because the study was carried out while most students were on a semester break, a sample size of two hundred sixty students was used in this study. A questionnaire was used for data collection.
A research proposal submitted to School Of Allied Health Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Diploma In Clincal Medicine And Community Health at Kampala International University
Excessive alcohol use, Students, Kampala International University, Western Campus