Prevalence of hypertension among mothers attending antenatal clinic at Kampala International University teaching hospital Bushenyi District western Uganda

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Kampala International University. School of Health Sciences (Western Campus)
This research set out to assess the prevalence of hypertension among pregnant women attending antenatal care at KIU-TH. Specific objectives included: determining proportion of pregnant women with hypertension, to assess factors related to hypertension and complications due to hypertension. It was noted that all the respondents in the study population had ever been diagnosed with hypertension or have hypertension. This was attributed to the fact that they were pregnant and pregnancy puts women at a high risk to hypertension and other cardiovascular conditions. The major factor noted to predispose the pregnant women to hypertension was adding extra salt to food. This was blamed on the fact that the respondents did not know the health effects of adding extra salt to already prepared food. This can be addressed by adequate health talks during antenatal care period. Other factors noted to predispose one to hypertension was family linkages/genes, taking alcohol and smoking. Most of the respondents agreed that if hypertension is not treated complications can arise. The major complications that can arise due to unmanaged hypertension according to the respondents were cardiovascular diseases. Other complications that closely followed were pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. This knowledge expressed was expected since most individuals believe hypertension is directly related to the cardiovascular system though they don’t know the exact mechanism of how the two are related
A research dissertation submitted to the school of clinical medicine and dentistry in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery of Kampala International University western campus
Hypertension, Antenatal Clinic, Bushenyi District