Performance contract scenario in socio-economic development of Rwanda: a case study of Gatsibo District

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and social sciences.
The research was on performance contract scenario in socio-economic development of Rwanda. The research was conducted in Gatsibo District which is one of the seven Districts found in the Eastern province of Rwanda. Research was guided by the research questions of the study which were; to find out if performance contract is a prerequisite to socio-economic development, to examine the effects of performance contracts on the socio-economic development and to find out measures being used to overcome performance contract limitations in decentralized levels of leadership. It was found that resource utilization, quick accomplishment of the work, promotion efficiency effectiveness, reduction of corruption, and promotion of hard work were the impact of performance contract to socio-economic development in Gatsibo District. On the scenario of performance contracts as a prerequisite to socio-economic development of Rwanda, the findings revealed that; guaranteeing of accountability, avoidance of laziness, production of quality work, involvement of community members were the prerequisites of performance contract in Gatsibo District On the limitations of performance contracts in the decentralized levels of leadership, the research found out that; lack of technical knowledge, poor leadership and managerial skills, corruption and embezzlement, ethnicity, and gender discrimination were the major challenges of performance contract. The solutions to the limitation of performance contracts in Gatsibo District included: increase in funding, training of more manpower, improvement of managerial skills need, curbing of corruption. reduction of population through family planning and reconciliation and unity among others were the major solutions.
A thesis presented to the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research Kampala International University, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Masters of Arts in development Administration and Management
Performance contract scenario, Socio-economic development, Rwanda, Gatsibo District