The impact of parental involvement on the education of deaf children. Uganda school for the deaf, Ntinda. Kampala district

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Kampala International University, College of Education Open and Distance Learning
The research was carried out at Ntinda School for the deaf to find out parental involvement in the education of Deaf children. Most often, parents of Deaf children don't bother at all to get involved in the education of their children. When they take these children to school, they believe it's the end of the story on their part. All responsibilities for they provision of these children's education therefore are left to the school administration to perform. The instruments used in the collection of data were questionnaires, interviews, documentary reviews and observation. The sample respondents in the area of study were parents, head teacher, teachers and deaf children. These were only are representative sample. The study indicated that most parents are really not involved in the education of their children with hearing impairment; the researcher therefore recommends to all parents nationally and in particular parents of Deaf children at Uganda school for the deaf Ntinda to be involved in their children's education
A research dissertation submitted to College of Education Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelors Degree in Special Needs Education of Kampala International University
parental involvement, education, deaf children, Kampala district