Design and implementation of an interactive secure patient appointment booking information system: a case study Kibuli Muslim Hospital

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT)
Information Technology (IT) has been constantly changing administrative and clinical workflows. Over the last decade, much change has taken place in healthcare delivery. All hospitals and care centers possessing even basic IT infrastructure had scheduling systems, not necessarily created for use in healthcare, installed. Stakeholders began to feel the need to automate administrative workflows. Scheduling is still one of the most fundamental administrative tasks. When hospitals began to automate, hospital administration was most often the first area to receive expenditure. An appointment system that was flexible while remaining practical and efficient resulted from letting patients choose the length of their appointment. Such a system encourages patients to share in the responsibility of organizing a practice efficiently. This report described the features and work flow of scheduling systems in hospitals and care centers streamlining the needs of patients making appointments efficiently, the technical information relating to the project, the methodology that the developers used, the functional and non-functional requirements, the features of the new system, the implementation of the system and finally the testing that was used. This project was extremely helpful for the researchers because it gave them an opportunity to learn a software development tool and to consider a software product from the legal point of view.
A Project Report Submitted To The College Of Applied Sciences And Technology In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of A Bachelor’s Degree In Information Technology Of Kampala International University
Design and implementation, Interactive secure patient, Booking information system, Kibuli Muslim Hospital