The impact of the law and the policy on child labour in Kibera Area, Kenya.

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
This research was undertaken to examine the impact of the law and the policy on child labour with the ultimate aim of designing solutions to the child labour phenomenon. This research was conducted in Kibera area, Kenya. This research was aimed at creating awareness of the existence of child labour to the government, parents and the entire country. It was also meant to caution policy makers and legislators for them to come up with the appropriate mechanisms and strategies for purpose of combating child labour menace in Kenya. This research unveiled that: children are engaged in child trafficking especially from the rural areas to the urban centre ·s to work as domestic servants . they work in plantations. prostitution. others are street children. early marriages. all of which endangers their growth and development. Child labour has various negative effects on children such as: early pregnancies. early deaths. defilement and even drug abuse due to the fi·ustrations in life. This research has discovered that. child labour have been contributed by poverty. abandonment of children by parents, HIV I Aids pandemic among other factors. The research focused on the different statutory instruments which provides for the protection of children specifying their rights and wellbeing. These instruments are ineffective due to the various loopholes. The research has identified various strategies which can be implemented in order to combat child labour menace to include: poverty eradication. education. and creating awareness to the community at large among others.
A dissertation submitted to the faculty of law as a partial Fulfilment of the requirement for the a ward of the Degree of bachelor of laws of Kampala International university.
Child Labour, Law and policy, Kibera Area, Kenya