Makerere university history department the Banyarwanda citizenship question in Uganda: a case study of Ntungamo District 1959-2002

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and social sciences.
The Study is about the history of Banyarwanda Citizenship question in Uganda. The 1959 Rwanda revolution left many refugees of Batusti scattered in Ntungamo district. They have negotiated for formal Ugandan citizenship since then but the rules and policies of Uganda governments since independence have not worked in their favors. The work summarizes the constant attempts of Banyarwanda refugees to acquire Ugandan citizenship since 1959 -2002.This involved trial to overcome social, political and economic hurdles. Failure to achieve the Ugandan citizenship rights, they had to fall back to their usual position as refugees. Their attempts were always let down by constitutional terms of Uganda regulating rules and policies of the country. Methodologically the research used both qualitative and quantitative methods. 80 respondents of varying ages between (14-60) years were selected from both sexes and interviewed for this study. This primary data was supplemented by secondary sources got from various libraries in Kampala, newspapers, parliamentary archives and Ntungamo District information office. In the findings of the study a number of suggestions were put forward to end the escalating Banyarwanda refugee crisis in the Great Lakes Region. One of the vital issues voiced loudly by respondents is that the Rwandan government should harmonize ethnic unity between the Bahutu and Batusti.This will help them to share the limited resources and end constant refugee incursions out of their country.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirements leading to the A ward of the Degree of Master of Arts in History of Makerere University.
Makerere university history department, Banyarwanda citizenship, Uganda:, Ntungamo District