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    The challenges of protecting women's property rights in Kenya: the case of women in Kitui Diocese
    (Kampala International University; College of Humanities and Social Science, 2006-08) Nzengu, Francis K.
    While traditionally, women in East Africa merely had access to land and other property through male relatives, social rules guarded against exclusion of women from land. Colonial influences such as individualization of land tenure and changing gender relations contributed to an erosion of the traditional protection mechanisms. Women's position became more vulnerable. Arbitrary eviction of women from land, especially women in polygamous marriages, divorced women and widowed, has increased in the past decades. As the feminization of poverty grows, women also face increasing constraints in obtaining access to affordable and adequate housing. Up to 1979, women's equal rights to land, housing and property were implicitly recognized as human rights. In 1979, the landmark Convention on the Elimination of Al Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) was adopted. This Convention has formed the basis for an increasing focus on the continuing violations of women's human rights and on the need to adopt specific provisions that explicitly recognize the security of tenure-whether through purchase, co-ownership, lease, rent, occupancy right or inheritance-regarding land, housing and other property are now firmly anchored in human rights law. This includes women's right to control such land and other property on equal terms with men. Customary law plays a very prominent role in the • disposal of a person's property, but unfortunately it treats women and girls as non- beneficiaries of the property of their father or husband, but only allows them usufruct rights, until when they marry or re-marry, when they relinquish such rights. In regard to testamentary succession, although most customary laws recognize the making of oral death-bed declarations, the purpose of these is normally to nominate an administrative successor rather than to apportion property. If the testator does apportion property, the general rule is that the person must not depart from the
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    HIV information presentation and behavior change among clients attending HIV clinics in selected sub counties, Gulu District
    (Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2016-03) Okello, Ceaser
    This study Investigated about HIV Information Presentation and Behavior Change among Clients Attending HIV Clinics In selected sub counties, Gulu district. The study was guided by the following objectives: i) to Identify the various modes of delivery & information on HIV In the HIV clinics in selected sub counties, Gulu district; ii) to establish the effectiveness of the various modes of delivery & HIV Information in bringing about behavior change In the HIV clinics in selected sub counties, Gulu district; and iii) to assess the limitations of the various modes of delivery of HP! information In bringing about behavior change in the HP! clinics in selected sub counties, Gulu district. The study established that radio is the most commonly used mode of delivery of HIV information in selected sub counties, Gulu district (45.8%), followed by television (28.8%) and lastly billboards (18.6). Furthermore, the most effective mode of HIV information delivery was again radio, followed by television and billboards. The limitations of the modes of delivery of HIV/AIDS information were television (mean 2.57) still limited to a few people, reading is a problem to many people especially when billboards are used (3.11), there is frequency problems to radio users (mean 2.74), there are many people with no access to any media in Gulu, and that many HIV messages are not in local languages in selected sub counties, Gulu district. The study recommended that the need to improve the range of content In radio shows, television shows and billboards, embracing -all aspects of HIV and AIDS namely prevention, treatment, support and care by including such topics as abstinence, PMTCT, Va, HIV testing, TB testing, sexually transmitted diseases, ART, discrimination and stigma, condom use in addition to messages of being faithful. Furthermore, there is need to increase the presence of billboards to include rural areas, residential areas, areas near schools and universities, shopping malls, arid other strategic areas.
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    Internal control system and fraudulent practices in the Nigerian public sector; a survey of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Nigeria
    (Kampala International University, College of Humanities and social sciences., 2018-10) Yat, Solomon
    The researcher investigated the relationship, between ‘internal control system and fraudulent practices in the Nigerian public sector, a survey of Nigerian National petroleum Corporation (NNPC)’. The purpose of the study was to determine the Effect of Internal Control system on fraudulent in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to determine the relationship between internal control system components (Control Environment, Risk Assessment, Control Activities, information and communication, and monitoring) and fraudulent practices in the Nigerian public sector. The study adopted a cross sectional research and descriptive research design in which data was collected and analyze using quantitative method. The sample size of 300 was selected from the target population of 1205 using Slovene ‘s formula. Results from the Pearson linear correlation and regression analysis shows that there is statistically significant relationship between the internal control system variables and fraudulent practices in the Nigerian public sector and internal control system have a negative Effect on fraudulent practices. Thus, Control Environment was regressed on Fraudulent Practices and the result of linear regression showed that R2=0.961. and significant at P <0.000; Risk Assessment was regressed on Fraudulent Practices and the result of linear regression showed that R20.951 and significant at P < 0.000; Control Activities was regressed on Fraudulent Practice and the result of linear regression showed that R20.936 and significant at P <0.000; Information and communication was regressed with Fraudulent Practices. The result of linear regression showed that R20.936 and significant at P < 0.000; monitoring was regressed with Fraudulent Practices. The result of linear regression showed R20.936 and significant at P <0.000. The results of mult4ile regression analysis performed simultaneously on the variables showed that information and communication control has a positive weak relationship with fraudulent practices, this suggest that improper information and communication control will aid the fraudulent practices instead of mitigating it. The researcher concluded that internal control system has a negative effect on fraudulent practices in the Nigeria public sector but the implementation of internal control is weak thereby making ineffective. The study contributed to the growing body of knowledge in the area of theories used td spur the effectiveness of internal control system and in understanding the motivation to fraudulent practices. The study recommends that those who are in charge of managing public funds should set the appropriate tone and demonstrate it through directives, actions, integrity and ethical values that support the functioning of the system of internal control system.
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    Makerere university history department the Banyarwanda citizenship question in Uganda: a case study of Ntungamo District 1959-2002
    (Kampala International University, College of Humanities and social sciences., 2008-11) Twine, Said
    The Study is about the history of Banyarwanda Citizenship question in Uganda. The 1959 Rwanda revolution left many refugees of Batusti scattered in Ntungamo district. They have negotiated for formal Ugandan citizenship since then but the rules and policies of Uganda governments since independence have not worked in their favors. The work summarizes the constant attempts of Banyarwanda refugees to acquire Ugandan citizenship since 1959 -2002.This involved trial to overcome social, political and economic hurdles. Failure to achieve the Ugandan citizenship rights, they had to fall back to their usual position as refugees. Their attempts were always let down by constitutional terms of Uganda regulating rules and policies of the country. Methodologically the research used both qualitative and quantitative methods. 80 respondents of varying ages between (14-60) years were selected from both sexes and interviewed for this study. This primary data was supplemented by secondary sources got from various libraries in Kampala, newspapers, parliamentary archives and Ntungamo District information office. In the findings of the study a number of suggestions were put forward to end the escalating Banyarwanda refugee crisis in the Great Lakes Region. One of the vital issues voiced loudly by respondents is that the Rwandan government should harmonize ethnic unity between the Bahutu and Batusti.This will help them to share the limited resources and end constant refugee incursions out of their country.
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    Management styles and work performance in Dopier Copier Motor Organization in Kitale Municipality of Kenya
    (Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2006-09) Simiyu, Kakai Robert
    The study was about Management style and employees of Dopier Copier Motor organization in Kenya. The study was Kitale municipality. Managers and employees were selected within the organization as the sample population. Sixty-two respondents were selected to answer the research questions. The research design employed was descriptive correlation method, which determined the Management style and employees Work Performance in Dopier Copier Motor organization. Issues and characteristics of people were described while looking into relationship between two variables. A purposive sampling technique was employed in identification of individual respondents. It is so because the researcher comes up with his / her own judgment about which respondents to choose and picks those who best meet the purpose of the study. The study was based on both primary and secondary data. The primary data obtained was grouped into qualitative and quantitative sections for a thorough analysis. Data was collected by use of questionnaire techniques. Simple statistical tools were employed for data processing. The conducted study is in line with the formulated research questions, objectives and the scope of the study. According to the findings employees reported that managers provided workshops and feedback to the performance, education assistance, equitable pay, freedom was not fully given, promotion was on merit, policies were formulated, Management style employed was human relation, and three managerial levels of management, managers were decision makers and did selection and development of employees, and responsible for their work. For the improvement of the study, recommendations and areas of further research have been also considered and pin pointed in the study. The study therefore, suggests that human relation management style was the best for increasing employees work performance in the organization