Kampala International University research report impact of Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisations in the fight against poverty in communities.

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
This section reflects what is contained in the research report. The study constituted of five chapters. As you read through this report you will find that SACCOs are doing a positive work of reducing or even eliminating poverty from different people of Rwimi Sub County. Chapter one shows the justification for the study, describes the statement of the problem, objectives of the study, and scope of the study. The study contains chapter two which contains related literature on the topic. In details it has literature on poverty, effects, causes of poverty, and different measures taken by the Ugandan government to reduce poverty among the citizens. It further looks at the roles of MFI (SACCOs) in reducing poverty, their limitations. The report also has chapter three which describes the design, methods of the study and in this it indicated that questionnaires were used in gathering information from different respondents whose responses were then analyzed for research findings. The report further contains chapter four which provides the analysis of the questionnaires that examined the objectives of the study. The presented and discussed in accordance to the objectives of the study. In the overview the findings showed that MFI (SACCOs) have played a big role in reducing poverty among Rwimi sub county residents through its action of giving out simple loans, educating entrepreneurs on small scale profitable business enterprises like farming and fishing. There’s also chapter five which shows a summary and conclusions which indicate that despite efforts of Rwimi SACCO to reduce poverty among Rwimi sub county residents it did not have enough experts to do the job, its interest rate of 10% was high for the locals and also lacked enough funds to benefit all their 210 registered members. On the other hand some residents used loans given to them by Rwimi SACCO non-profitably i.e., marrying second wives, having more drinking fee to mention but a few. This left a number of these residents in a poor state while others even lost their property due to failure to pay back Rwimi SACCO loans. The report also summarizes the research showing that there are some residents of Rwimi sub County who benefited from the existence of Rwimi SACCO in a way that they were able to save some to pay school tuition for their children and also start up small scale business ventures.
A research report submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences for the a ward of Bachelor Degree in Development Studies of Kampala International University
Kampala International University, Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisations, Poverty reduction