Evaluation of sub-chronic toxicity and phytochemical screening of aqueous leaf extract of ocimum suave (lamaiceae)

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Kampala International University.College of Health Science
Evaluation of sub-chronic toxicity of the aqueous leaf extract of Ocimurn suave was administered daily for 31 days at dose leve!s[200, 400 and 800mg/kg] in male wistar rats .Acute toxicity of aqueous leaf extract of Ocimum suave was done according to Lorke,s method up to 10,000mg/kg and was found to cause no death in the two phases of the test. Thus, the LD50 of Ocimurn suave in rats was estimated to be greater than 10,000mg/kg. This study principally aimed to assess the LDso of the aqueous leaf extract of Ocimum suave,the sub-chronic toxicity and to screen for phytochemicals present in this extract. This study was carried out in two centers; Kampala International university-Western campus Pharmacy laboratory in Ishaka-Bushenyi Uganda and Italian laboratory in Mbarara University of Science and Technology-Mbarara Uganda. This is an experimental study carried out between January and July 2012 at the above sites. The respondents were male wistar rats weighing 1 OOg and above. Selection of participants was done by simple random sampling .. Effects on relative organ weights and certain hematological and plasma biochemical parameters were measured as indices of organ toxicity. The aqueous extract caused a decrease in ALT levels but AST levels were higher in the treated groups as the increment was dose dependent. The aqueous leaf extract of Ocimum suave affected mean cell volume ,mean cell hemoglobin and mean cell hemoglobin concentration . CK levels were increased in all OSE treated groups as compared to the control group. The aqueous leaf extract caused mean body weight gain, but decrease in relative organ weight .The study suggests that the aqueous extract administered at normal therapeutic doses is not likely to produce severe toxic effects on some hematological and biochemical indices in rats and the organs tested[histology]. Chronic toxicity of aqueous leaf extract of ocimum suave should be done for histological, haematological and biochemical evaluation. There is a need to study the effect of the extract on female wistar rats so that toxic effects can be established in both sexes.
Research report submitted to the School of Kampala International University in fulfilment of bachelor of pharmacy degree
Evaluation, Sub-chronic toxicity, Phytochemical, Ocimum suave (lamaiceae)