Competence of learning spoken English in secondary schools in Bunyangabu County, Kabarole district-Uganda

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Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning
This study sought to establish the competence of learning spoken English in selected secondary schools in Bunyangabu County of Kabarole District, Uganda. The research was based on four-research questions, which would help to review the problem under study. Some of the many factors that determine competence in spoken English were reviewed. These were; the teachers' educational background, methods of teaching students attitude and availability or absence of learning materials to enhance the speaking skill. Related literature was reviewed to sharpen the research problem. The study involved 360 participants, 10 teachers selected by purposive method and 350 students selected from 5 secondary schools out of the six found in Bunyangabu County. The student population was from senior 4 of each of tl1ese schools and participants were selected by random sampling. In Kibiito SS 180 (72%) out of 250 students were sampled while in Rwimi SS out of 56 Students, 40(71 %) were sampled. Nyaligumba parents had a total of 76 students and 50 (66%) were sampled. In Buheesi SS 40(83%) out of 48 students were sampled. Rubona SS had 50 Students and 40 (80%) were sampled. The research instruments were designed locall\' -by the researcher and included lesson observation instruments. Questionnaires and tests administered by the researcher to the students to test proficiency and competence in spoken. English The findings revealed• that the variables above namely; levels of education, teaching methods, attitude and availability of learning materials have an effect on competence of learning spoken English. After a detailed discussion of the findings and conclusions, various recommendations about the problem were made. These included among others; schools acquiring trained teachers who are competent in teaching English, teachers of English adapting teaching methods that reflect change in the kind of proficiency learners' need, availing enough learning materials for the practice of spoken English, the Ministry of Education and Sports providing necessary facilities that promote competence in the teaching / learning of spoken English in schools and UNEB to start testing spoken English in order to change the attitude of learners and make them exert more effort on its spoken form.
A dissertation. Submitted to the school of post graduate studies and research in partial fulfillment for the requirements of the award of the degree of master of education in educational management and administration of Kampala international university
Educational management and administration, Learning, Spoken English, Secondary schools, Kabarole district