Record Keeping and Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises: A Case Study of Huda Tours and Travel In Kampala District

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
The study concerns the record keeping and performance of small scale enterprises. The study was carried out in HUDA tours and travel The main intention of this research was to establish as to whether record keeping affects the performance of SMES. The study was carried out on 25 respondents with the help questionnaires and personal interviews, primary and Secondary data was collected using questionnaires and reviewing literature on this research topic. The findings in this research showed that record keeping has great effect on the performance of SMES on management of the business an& decision making. More so the research also showed that record keeping is a cost to the business where by some extra employee has to be employed to undertake the job of record keeping, more so the hard ware needed for effective record keeping such as computers stationary and others are highly costly. This is because of the little profits made by small enterprises and also medium enterprise. More so it was found out that the SMEs do not keep complete accounting records because of lack of accounting knowledge and the cost of hiring professional accountants. As a result, there is inefficient use of accounting information to support financial performance measurement in SMEs. in addition to the above research also show that business manager in these SMEs as for the case of HUDA TOURS AND TRAVEL are willing to learn more on how to keen their records but in vain. Thus, the findings and recommendations in this report will help SMEs such as HUDA TOURS AND TRAVEL and the government in drawing policies on how to improve the performance of SMEs through proper record keeping.
A Research Report Submitted to The Faculty Of Economics and Management in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirement for The Award of a Degree Of Bachelor of Business Administration Of Kampala International University
Record Keeping, Performance, Small and Medium Enterprises