Accounting information systems on profitability of petroleum companies in Uganda. a case study of HASS petroleum, Wandegeya branch, Kampala:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
The study sough to examine accounting mg timid systems on thirstily petroleum companies in Uganda: a case study of Bass Petroleum, Wandegeya Branch, Kampala. The study objectives were,’ to determine the benefits of accounting information system in Floss Petroleum, Wandegeya Branch Kampala-Uganda, to establish the challenges facing the use of accounting information system in Bass Petroleum, Wandegeya Branch Kampala-l%mda and to examine the relationships between accounting il!formation systems and profitability in Bass Petroleum, Wandegeya Branch Kampala-Uganda. The study was based on a cor relational research design. The qualitative approach was used to collect and analyze data on the study topic. This design was used because It brought out clearly the relationship between the two variables. Quantitative approach was used in data collection and analysis and general information on the subject matter was collected from the different stakeholders involved in the study. The study population involved 58 participants where 4 top administrators of Bass Petroleum, 6 marketing officers, 5 accounts and finance department and 43 clients. A sample size of 50 respondents was determined through possessive and random sampling methods. Data was collected from primary and secondary sources using questionnaires. Afire collecting data, the researcher organized well-answered questionnaire, data was edited and sorted for the next stage. The data was presented in tabular form, pie charts and bar graphs with frequencies and percentages. It was found out that 4% of the respondents strongly disagreed, 14% of the respondents disagreed, 18% of the respondents were not sure, 44% agreed and the remaining 20% of the respondents strongly agreed that computerized-financial information systems are faster and more efficient to processing data. This Implies that majority qf the respondents were of the view that Accounting information systems simply work since they arefaster and more efficient. The study concludes that computerizedfinancial information systems arefaster and more efficient in processing data. The use ofhardware such as scanners automatically generates accounting information without much ado. The b~/brmation is available almost immediately. The study recommends that Accounting Information System department is a sensitive area with any organization, it is necessary that employees should always be provided constant refresher training so as to clearly understand the use and operation qf the system to increase on their skills and expertise in handling and managing information systems.
a research report submitted to the college of economics and management in partial fulfillment of requirements for the award of bachelor’s degree in business administration in finance and accounting of Kampala international university.
Accounting information systems, petroleum companies