The Impact of Motivation of Teachers on Students' Academic Performance in Selected Secondary Schools in Katakwi Town Council

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in secondary education
This study was conducted to establish the impact of motivation of teachers on students' academic performance by taking the case of some selected secondary schools in Katakwi Town Council. The academic performances in most schools have always been poor despite the government's effort to improve it. The study particularly sought to establish the effect of poor motivation of teachers on students' academic performance and recommend the appropriate ways teachers should be motivated by school management and other stakeholders if students' academic performance is to be improved. The study was conducted by cross sectional survey, data being collected during the month of August 20 18, using questionnaire, interview guide and observation methods from 56 respondents randomly selected from 4 secondary schools. The data was analysed and tabulated in the table form and graphs for easy interpretation. Frequencies and percentages were used to describe and interpret the findings from the fields. The study generally established that poor motivation of teachers has a terrible negative impact on the academic performance of students in secondary schools. Poor motivation was found in hinder opportunities for teachers to teach, guide and encourage learners which are pre-requisite to good academic performance. The research also pointed out dissatisfaction, strikes, inadequate assessment of students, indiscipline of students, poor relationship between teachers and school management as major effects of poor motivation of teachers or students' academic performance in Katakwi Town Council. However, the situation in Katakwi Town Council could be a reflection of the general situation in Uganda. The study concludes that for teachers to teach well and students excel academically, they need good motivation. It recommends that there is need for school management to improve on teachers' welfare. Government in conjunction with the ministry of finance and the ministry of education and sports should give secondary school teachers professional allowance besides increasing their salaries. The study also recommends that there should be establishment of structures such as teachers' accommodation, laboratory and library in each school. This will make teachers love the job of teaching and do it permanently, hence students' good academic performance.
A Research Report Submitted To The College Of Education, Open And Distance Learning In Partial Fulfillment Of Requirements For The Award Of Bachelor Of Education Secondary Of Kampala International University.
Motivation of Teachers, Students' Academic Performance, Katakwi Town Council