An Optimized Secure E-Census System for University Alumni Case Study: Kampala International University

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Kampala international international : School of computing and Information technology
Alumni are former students of a college or university which is an institution of higher learning. In essence, it is after university that these alumni are required to face life after school. Whatever happens to these alumni should therefore be of concern to their former universities. Traditionally, universities have been considered to be primarily part of an educational system (Barbian, A., el a]., 1987). Their role has been, over the centuries, to transmit the knowledge from the teachers to the students. However, in the 19th century, Humboldt developed in Germany a new paradigm of university, where not only teaching, but also research, was performed. The view point of the institution itself in terms of the single university is preferred. Recognizing the individuality of each institution leads to differentiation between universities. This differentiation should be promoted stressing the individuality of each institution allowing for the respect of the identity and history of each university and its ambition and ability to achieve academic excellence. The way by which the differences between universities should be revealed, we argue, is through the results of the activities that are performed at the universities. Intense competition is expected in the electronic information networking arena over the next couple of years. As the competition increases, it is essential for institutions to position themselves appropriately to take advantage of their core institutions and to prepare for the emerging electronic communication environment. In this competitive environment, mergers, alliances and the onslaught of new entrants into the market have institutions struggling to find innovative ways to retain the most lucrative academicians. Today’s universities are striving to differentiate themselves within these expanding competitive landscape by searching for ways to brand and strategically position themselves in relation to their competition. Thus many universities are looking for means to plan for the most lucrative strategies in the academic field.
A Graduation Research Report Submitted to the School of Computer Studies in Partial Fulfilment for the Award of a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Management of Kampala International University
E-Census System, University Alumni