The Effect Of Alcoholism On The Promotion Of Prostitution A Case Study Of Moroto District, Uganda.

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Kampala International University. College of Humanities and social sciences.
The study sought to examine the effect of alcoholism on the promotion of prostitution: A case study of Moroto District, Uganda. The study objectives were; to establish the level of prostitution and alcoholism in Moroto municipality, to establish the relationship between prostitution and alcoholism in Moroto municipality and to identify the intervention measures towards prostitution and alcoholism in Moroto municipality. For the purpose of this study, a case descriptive research design was adopted to evaluating the effects of alcoholism on the promotion of prostitution in Moroto Municipality. Both quantitative and qualitative research approaches were applied. The advantages of qualitative research are - producing more in depth information. Moreover, qualitative research can provide complex textual descriptions of how people experience a given research issue. The total sample size was 50 respondents. In this study, the target population of 58 involved Top authorities ofMoroto District, support staff of Moroto District, District Development Officers and Other support staff. A sample size of 50 respondents was determined through purposive and random sampling methods. Data was collected from primary and secondary sources using questionnaires and interviews. After collecting data, the researcher organized well-answered questionnaire, data was edited and sorted for the next stage. The data was presented in tabular form, pie charts and bar graphs with frequencies and percentages. The study findings revealed that the sample constituted of 50 respondents of which 66% were males and the 34% remaining were females. This implies that males are the majority. This implies that the most respondents were men due to the societal beliefs that they are the ones who are mostly engage in alcoholism and prostitution acts in the society. The study concludes that prostitution is the granting of sexual access on a relatively indiscriminate basis for payment either in money or in goods. Or is the practice of engaging in sexual activity, usually with individuals other than a spouse or friend, in exchange for immediate payment in money or other valuables. The study recommends that there should be a clear government policy on alcoholism and prostitution so as to regulate them. Government should seek donor support to enable her remove prostitutes from the street and offering them alternative work. Parents should help raise stable families so as children can benefits from theni more.
A Research Dissertation Submitted To The Faculty Of Humanities And Social Sciences In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of A Bachelor’s Degree In Development Studies Of Kampala International University.
Alcoholism, Prostitution, Moroto District, Uganda