Prevalence of diarrhoea and associated factors among children below five years at Ishaka Adventist Hospital – Bushenyi District

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Kampala International University, School of Allied Health Sciences
Introduction: The aim of the study is to assess the prevalence of diarrhea and associated factors among children below five years at Ishaka Adventist hospital – Bushenyi district. Specific Objectives:The study specifically aimed at determining the prevalence of diarrhea disease among the under-five, assessing the factors predisposing to diarrheal diseases and establishing the knowledge of mothers and attendants on diarrheal diseases in children below 5 years at Ishaka Adventist hospital-Bushenyi District. Methodology: A descriptive cross sectional study was used and 100 respondents were sampled and assessed. Results and conclusion:Fromthe study, it was revealed that breast feeding is discontinued at an early age of one year or even before among the majority (50%) so long as the mother becomes pregnant, 25% of the respondents introduce supplementary feeds to their children at an early age which contributes to the occurrence of diarrhoea diseases in the community.A significant number of mothers use water from protected sources (60%) but some numbers of these do not treat their water before drinking it (54%).A significant number of respondents take their children with diarrhoea to health facilities (40%) while others use local made fluids (20%), herbs (32%) the rest buy drugs from local shops (8%). Recommendations: To minimize the problem of diarrhoea diseases in the areas served by Ishaka Adventist hospital the researcher therefore recommends that the DHO’s office should send health inspectors to revisit where water sources are protected and advise the community on further treatment of water, also increase on the number of protected water sources and launch campaigns for latrine construction and use such that every family has its own latrine, Health Education about family planning (at health facility), both early weaning and late weaning should be discouraged and also organize seminars educating on causes, prevention and management of diarrhoea.
A research report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a Diploma In Clinical Medicine And Community Health of Kampala International University
Prevalence of diarrhoea, Children below five years, Ishaka Adventist Hospital, Bushenyi District