A secure web based information system for patient record management: case study: kibuli hospital

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Kampala International University,School of Computing and Information Technology
This project report documents the detailed steps for implementation of a secure web based information system for patient record management. Currently the patients that wish to keep their medical records are overly restricted to use the available paper systems which in most cases are uneasy to keep for a long time and organized. The project will be able to help patients in retrieving their medical records, doctors will use less time and costs in accessing and keeping medical records, know how many times have a patient visited the hospital. Patient records will be easy to access through any Personal Computer in the office, and process will help the user to keep medical records constantly updated with no need to make files from a record room. The admissions desk can always see where a patient is.
A project report submitted to the College of Applied Sciences and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology in Kampala International University
secure web, information system, record management