Assessment of quality of Metropolitan tablet brands sold in Ishaka town pharmacies.

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Kampala international international: School of Health Sciences
In Uganda, there are different brands of metronidazole, each brand has its own formulation which affects the release and delivery of drug and produce variable clinical responses. So, there is a need for In-vitro analysis of different brands of metronidazole tablets. In this study, eight brands containing 200mg of metronidazole were purchased from ishaka town pharmacies. The main objective of this research was to evaluate the quality of the different brands of metronidazole sold in Ishaka town pharmacies. The eight brands of metronidazole were tested for friability, weight variation, hardness/crushing strength, disintegration time and finally percentage assay. All tablet brands MET1, MET2, MET3, MET4, MET5, MET6, MET7 and MET8 passed the friability test, hardness test, weight variation test and assay. All brands passed the disintegration test except MET4. This study showed the importance of evaluating quality of metronidazole brands in the country
A research report submitted to the school of pharmacy in partial fulfilment of the requirements the a ward of bachelor of pharmacy of Kampala international university
Pharmacy, Assessment of quality, Tablet brands, Ishaka town pharmacies., Sold, Metronidazole