An investigation of HIV/Aids infections and poverty among households in Tegeres Parish, Kapchorwa District Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The research entitled “An investigation on HIV/AIDS infections and Poverty among selected households in Tegeres Parish, Kapchorwa District” was conducted to determine relationship between HIV/AIDS infections and poverty, It was guided by the following objectives; to investigate on the factors contributing to increase HIV/AIDS infection and Poverty in selected households; to find out how HIV/AIDS affect individual’s productive work and to investigate the state and different forms of poverty among selected households in Tegeres Parish, Kapchorwa district. The research methods used include study designs which were categorized under qualitative and some quantitative sampling design and data collection among others. Data was collected from a sample of 40 respondents so as to get in-depth information, whereby the researcher used various methods of data collection like observation, interview guide and questionnaire. The data collected passed through various data processing methods like editing, coding tabulation and others during the study and the limitation of the study were highlighted as well as solutions. The study establish that HIV/AIDS impacts on children especially after the death of their parents and this leads them with no choice since most of the family members are not employed having much time being spend on looking after their relatives increasing number of dependents that are all their responsibility. To manage with a challenge of HIV/AIDS amidst poverty situation, household individual have try to earn salary ,selling and buying good ,do work for food , participating in social networks, reviving money from family members. The study recommends that health experts sensitize the members of community about the disease to create awareness, care and support to given households in preventive measures such as condom use should be emphasized.
A research report submitted to the College Of Humanities And Social Sciences in partial fulfillment for the award of a Bachelor Degree in Development Studies of Kampala International University
HIV/Aids infections, Poverty, Households, Tegeres Parish, Kapchorwa District, Uganda