Factors affecting menstrual hygiene among schoolgirls attending outpatient department at Kampala International University Teaching Hospital Ishaka Bushenyi

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Kampala International University, School of Allied Health Sciences
Background: In the lives of girls and women, there is that adolescence stage marked by the onset of menstruation, onwards until menopause, reproductive health and menstrual hygiene are important aspects of their lives yet information, knowledge and practices of menstrual hygiene among school girls is inadequate with increasing challenges. Objective: Assessed factors affecting menstrual hygiene among schoolgirls aged (14-25) attending OPD KIU-TH in Bushenyi District. Method: A descriptive cross sectional study was used to reveal the knowledge, practices, and challenges faced in managing menstrual hygiene among schoolgirls. Results: Study revealed; lack of awareness and knowledge whereby only (45%) had information on menstrual hygiene. Low practices of managing menstrual hygiene of which40% used pads, 90% of which used reusable pads and30% used high traditional materials as pads. Inadequate facilities, resources were among the great challenges affecting MH. Discussion: The study found out that, there was lack of awareness and knowledge concerning menstrual hygiene among school girls aged (14-25) years attending OPD-KIUTH with the highest peak among the young school girls. Further, it revealed low hygienic practices of managing menstrual hygiene among school girls because most girls who used pads used reusable pads and if not stored well result into infections. The high existence of lack of facilities and sanitary pads among schoolgirls to manage their menstruation hygienically was because of resource limitation. Conclusion and Recommendation: There is lack of knowledge, low practices and inadequate facilities to manage menstrual hygiene among schoolgirls and therefore stakeholders with full authorities should intervene in such problems.
A research report submitted to the School Of Allied Health Sciences in partial fulfilment of award of a Diploma In Clinical Medicine and Community Health of Kampala International University
Menstrual hygiene, Schoolgirls, Outpatient department, Kampala International University Teaching Hospital, Ishaka Bushenyi